What is Uptoken?

Upstock Dashboard

Automated RSU & RTU

Employers input users into Uptoken to issue legally binding equity & token promises. 

Employees can vest shares on a fixed schedule.
(e.g. four years, one-year cliff).

Or contributors can vest on a dynamic schedule depending on their contributions. 

Real-Time Motivational 

Stakeholders can watch their equity and/or tokens growing in real-time.

The dashboard allows users to see & believe that their work is paying off.

Users are incentivized to make decisions for the long-term success of the company.

Upstock motivational dashboard

Our Onboarding Process



Sign up for an Uptoken account
Time frame: 5 minutes
Info needed: Business name, contact information, payment information.


Create your token/equity pools
Time frame: 15 minutes
Info needed: Percentage of tokens and/or equity you wish to start with. Can be increased later. 
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Add users to pools
Time frame: <30 minutes
Info needed: User emails, large companies can import to Uptoken



Users e-sign legal docs
Users get emailed a link to log into Uptoken to review & e-sign docs.


Create tasks lists & rewards
Info needed: Title & description of tasks with corresponding reward amounts. 


Notify your community
Users will automatically receive notifications when there are new earning opportunities.

Now watch your ecosystem grow!

Workers see the value of their RTUs  grow in real-time.

Workers see the value of their RTUs  grow in real-time.

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Motivational Dashboard


Contributors can view their equity & token rewards through an easy-to-use interface, allowing them to see a meaningful visualization of their stake in the company & inspiring them to work hard to grow the project.

motivational dashboard by uptoken

Performance Algorithm

Uptoken's real-time algorithm calculates contributors' token and/or equity distribution based on productivity inputs for each user (based on tasks completed & milestones reached).

Equity dashboard by Upstock
Admin Dashboard by upstock

Admin Tools

Make community management easier, see who your most valuable contributors are, & say goodbye to stacks of documents & complex spreadsheets.
Uptoken gives you the tools to grow & manage your community while reducing legal overhead, marketing spend, & personnel needs. 

Mobile App (coming soon) 

Uptoken contributor mobile app will send notifications to contributors for new earning opportunities & allow them to easily submit links & screenshots of their work. 

Projects will see submissions & will be able to verify, accept, & reward good work. 

upstock MobileApp

Uptoken creates meaningful relationships between projects & their communities

RTUs: Improving on Token Offerings

Uptoken helps companies issue RTUs instead of direct tokens, which is better for projects.         

Reduce tax burdens

Contributors/teams will defer any tax obligations until there is liquidity available or certain milestones have been met. 

Avoid complex spreadsheets

Projects no longer need to track contributors, tokens, & communities on complex spreadsheets.  Everything is streamlined & automated with Uptoken.

Reduce regulatory risk

RTUs are based on RSUs, a model that regulators have been using for decades.      

Uptoken is for any crypto project that wants to manage & incentivize their ecosystem with tokens

Why do projects love Uptoken?

Cost reduction

  • Drastically reduce the cost of individual token issuances.

  • Reduce marketing spend for finding new contributors.

  • Reduce community management personnel needed (or make their jobs much easier).


  • Find new contributors in a highly competitive space.

  • Unlimited users mean infinite scalability.

  • Uptoken is all about helping projects grow!


  • Keep your contributors engaged with new tasks.

  • Build a sense of ownership & mission alignment.

  • Reward good actors & reduce fraud.

Create your fist token pool

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