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Uptoken Contributor

Support your favorite projects & earn token incentives for helping them grow.  Uptoken will even send you new earning opportunities!

become an upstock contributor

Earn tokens from your favorite projects 

Contributors earn token points by completing tasks and building ecosystems. 

What does a Contributor do?

  • Join the Uptoken Marketplace to find exciting crypto projects to follow.
  • Earn RTUs for completing tasks such as sharing videos, social media posts, submitting code, attending events, and more. 
  • Spread the message that it is now possible for all humans to be rewarded fairly for the value they create.

What do Contributors receive?

  • Earn tokens with your favorite crypto projects.
  • See the value of your token portfolio rise in real-time.
  • Special invitations to your project's events & meetups.
  • Notifications for new earning opportunities.

Ready to help build a denctralized future?

Register for Uptoken's Contributor Program to get started!

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