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Uptoken Blurb


Uptoken has created a path for crypto projects to distribute tokens and incentivize contributors with less regulatory risk. By modifying the Restricted Stock Unit model (which has precedence with regulators globally), Uptoken has created “Restricted Token Units” that can be deployed on its live platform.   


Restricted token units, or RTUs act as deferred compensation, enabling contributors to earn “future token promises'' instead of direct tokens from projects for completing certain tasks and contributing to the ecosystem. Contributors will still be able to hold their RTUs and see their value, but projects can delay the conversion of the RTU into the physical asset until certain favorable conditions are met, such as proven utility or safe harbor. 


With Uptoken, crypto projects can:

  • Easily & affordably issue token promises to anyone in 70+ countries including the US.

  • Get a jump start on distributing token promises pre-ICO

  • Create custom tasks & legally distribute rewards to contributors who complete them 

  • Show the value of their tokens and equity rise in real-time with visual dashboards 

  • Reduce the cost of & make the jobs of lawyers and community managers easier

  • Supercharge ecosystem growth with a pay-for-performance contributor marketplace


We envision Uptoken becoming a requirement for any crypto project that wants to distribute tokens safely and leverage the marketing power of their community. 


Please reach out to if you have any questions or would like a demo, or schedule a meeting here:

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