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Remote Teams That Actually Work

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

A top-shelf equity system can provide your leadership team with a powerful alignment tool that effectively communicates to your workers, “We’re all in this together!” A good equity plan brings workers into alignment with the company and allows workers to trust each other more, optimizing for the greater good instead of getting distracted by time-wasting downward spirals like office politics that makes work seem like a chore rather than an exciting investment.

In the beginning of 2020 the biggest remote work experiment ever conducted suddenly and unexpectedly began. Now in 2021 remote work is no longer just a startup thing. While some workers have adjusted well, are able to balance work with fun, and enjoy the autonomy of remote work, others miss the structure and schedules of a shared office space. Some people are simply more motivated by the physical presence of working with their team.

I have worked remotely for years with teams scattered across different cultures and time zones. I find that strong leadership is emotional and it is not easily expressed over email or even video. When we work remotely, quality leadership is put to the test as the casual lunch conversations and water cooler talks are not there for workers to express ideas or ask questions. The common denominator of a shared space and shared time disappears. This often leads to misunderstandings about what others are doing, wondering where the company is going, and causing workers to question how important they really are to the company's mission moving forward.

Reward workers with equity bonuses

Using modern equity options such as Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), gives companies the ability to directly communicate to workers when there are high value tasks or projects to complete, or to reward workers through tough periods like sales or development sprints with additional equity bonuses. This is a great tool to help keep remote teams on track, particularly during intense periods of company growth.

With the right equity plan, workers can focus on how to best support their company while knowing that they will be rewarded fairly for their efforts. At Upstock we help businesses get rid of equity headaches by making it easier, less expensive and more accessible to manage and issue equity around the world. We also built in a motivating interface that shows everyone from CEOs to contractors and advisers how much their equity percentages are growing over time along with the current estimated dollar value of their equity (based off of the company's valuation). This directly allows everyone to see and feel that their time matters.

Easily get your company set up

We're proud to have made a system that's simple and straightforward for founders to set up an equity plan, create their pools and start issuing equity. It's also easy for workers to get onboarded. Workers entered into the Upstock system receive an email to log into their Upstock account where they can review and e-sign their legal documents to start accepting equity

and immediately see the value of that equity on their dashboard. Workers will also be able to see what their equity might be worth if the company grows 10 or 100 times in value.

It costs less too

More for less. Upstock’s system costs much less than a standard stock option plan that an attorney puts together. This is due to technological modernization and simplification. No longer are all parties required to get the help of expensive professionals. Yes, software is eating everything.

15 minute demo, 30 minute onboarding

Now businesses can easily sign up, enter a company valuation, create an equity pool, and manage their entire worker equity plan in as little as 30 minutes. Since we've hired top attorneys and global financial firms to draft and review all our legal documents, you don't need to hire a lawyer unless you want to. Without Upstock, companies lose time, money, and miss the opportunity to let workers truly feel like an important and valued part of the company.

Get started with Upstock to experience the joy of pain free remote equity management and the opportunity to find true alignment between a company and its workers.

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