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Offering tokens directly to contributors can be risky 

Uptoken helps enable crypto companies at any stage to easily incentivize their employees & ecosystems without fearing scammers or regulators. 


RTUs act as deferred compensation so that you can promise tokens to practically anyone, anywhere while reducing fraud & regulatory risk.

Uptoken helps reduce risk

We help crypto companies. . . 


Reduce Regulatory Risk 

Since RTUs act as deferred compensation, Uptoken helps enable projects to delay the issuance of their token until certain milestones are met, such as liquidity, utility, or safe harbor. 

Turbocharge Ecosystem Growth

Stop wasting money on marketing firms.
With Uptoken you can easily post bounties & cherrypick from a marketplace of active contributors sorted by skillset . . .
& only pay for performance!

Unlock New Markets & Global Contributors

Uptoken helps enable crypto companies to promise tokens to contributors in 70+ countries, including America (finally!)

Scale Community Management 

Uptoken makes the job of community managers easier by enabling them to create bounties, track & verify submissions, & dynamically reward contributions.

How it works

Add your employees & contributors

Create token and/or equity pools.  Trigger automated legal contracts for each user added. 


Verify & reward contributions

Create bounties with customizable RTU/RSU rewards for contributors who complete legitimate work.


Motivate & engage

Contributors can see the value of their tokens and/or equity rise on a visual dashboard & receive notifications for new earning opportunities.


Creating Safer Token Rewards

In Uptoken’s de-risked future, cryptocurrencies may flourish through safer distribution to global ecosystems.

Check out our legal page to learn more about how we meet current regulatory standards. 

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Uptoken Founder Casey Fenton

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I was looking for ways to motivate my team at Couchsurfing & discovered major challenges with traditional incentive systems. This lead to the founding of Upstock (Uptoken’s sister) which spent the last 4 years fixing equity issuances by standardizing & automating the process of issuing RSUs. In addition to streamlining RSUs (time/cliff vesting), Upstock created Dynamic RSUs, which enable founders to easily reward desired behaviors with shares. 


Now I'm bringing this solution to crypto companies. Uptoken.com is the only tech-enabled platform for issuing Restricted Token Units (RTUs) in addition to Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).  With deferred compensation, projects reduce risk by offering future token promises to employees & contributors rather than direct tokens.

Join our movement and share your passion with the world.

Casey Fenton
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Seeing is believing

Watch RTUs & RSUs grow in real-time

Uptoken’s dynamic dashboards allow contributors to visualize their piece of the pie & watch it grow with each contribution.

Emotional engagement keeps your community happy

Are you a contributor?

Earn RTUs for helping your favorite projects grow! 


Keep up to date with new earning opportunities


Earn bonuses for being a power user & completing various tasks



Easily submit screenshots or links for completed work 

See your earnings rise in real-time on intuitive dashboards

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"Uptoken should be a requirement for projects that are serious about leveraging the marketing power of their communities."

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Geoff McCabe 

Creator of Divvy & LightningWorks

"Our team would cease to exist without the ability to see what their efforts are worth."

Tyler Stratton

CEO of Zober

Uptoken is fixing token deployment

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Before Uptoken, issuing tokens/equity required:

High lawyer fees & slow timelines

Unique contracts with complex execution

Exposure to securities violations & unforeseen regulatory risk 

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With Uptoken, issuing RTUs/RSUs helps enable:

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Up to 100x cost savings without lawyers

Automated & standardized contracts executed in minutes

Risk reduction through a distribution vehicle familiar to regulators

Meet our supporters

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Upstock customer: Founders Fun Top VC Firm
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Upstock customer: Founders Sopace Forbes #1 World Accelerator
Upstock customer: National Center for Employee Ownership

Uptoken, a safer path to success

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